That Vape Shop
The Vape Company that cares...

The owner
Michael smoked a pack a day for 20 years! Like so many others, to stop smoking he tried using the patch, prescriptions, nicotine gum, you name it, he tried it -- nothing worked.

Until he walked into a vape shop.
Having found an effective method that actually worked, he then decided to make it his mission to help other individuals like him who desired to make the transition from smoking traditional cigarettes to an alternative option.

Along with his wife Carla, Michael opened several local vape shops. Soon after they decided to spread even further with this site That Vape Shop . com
Together they are devoted to their commitment to increase public awareness through advocacy, being founding members of New York State Vaping Association, and members of many other national organizations and education in the vaping community, while successfully helping so many people live happier, smoke-free lives.